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The luxury of an indoor swimming pool for recreation and fitness can add real value to any residence, commercial or municipal facility. However, if excess humidity is not controlled properly, the pool area may become stuffy and uncomfortable and condensation may occur on walls, windows, or skylights. The pool chemicals absorbed by the condensed moisture may damage window thermal seals or accelerate water damage on exposed or hidden surfaces.

JTH Best Engineering was founded in 1988 for the effective control of indoor swimming pool environments for swimmer comfort and building protection. We offer services to design, install, and maintain the necessary equipment for control of humidity and temperature in this active environment. Each solution for control of humidity, temperature and condensation is unique, requiring expert attention to detail. All of our associates are professionals in their respective fields: engineers and experienced journeyman tradespeople.

JTH Best Engineering Inc. serves Canada's top pool builders, Architects, and exclusive home builders. Our client list includes hundreds of homeowners, recreation and fitness facilities, apartment complexes, and municipalities. Our suppliers have informed us that we have designed, installed and repaired more dehumidification systems for indoor swimming pools than any other single Contractor in Canada.

During the past five years, at the specific request of homeowners, builders, and Architects, we have also provided full HVAC design and installation services for large and complex residences in the range of 10,000 to 45,000 sq.ft.. These highly customized systems may include  residential hydronic heating, chilled water cooling, traditional AC, fan coil units, ground source and heat pump loop systems, radiant floor heating, snow melting, domestic hot water heating, solar heating, infrared heating, and swimming pool environmental control.

Our JTH Best Engineering Central Control Panel with PC board and custom LED status display is an ideal controls interface between these varied systems and the homeowner or his automation system.

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